1. My name is Sarah Rhee. I am a junior majoring in Communication Design and Environmenal Science.
  2. I took Interaction Design: Understanding Health and Wellbeing last year which first introduced me to the subject. I am taking this class because I. wanted to continue this learning in this area.
  3. I have very minimal experience in HTML/CSS/JS. I took a short class in highschool and I am currently taking an intro computer science class this fall.
  4. I hope to learn the basics of interaction design to provide as a good foundation in a possible career in the field.
  5. Designing for the screen has to account for a more personal and digital relationship with the viewer whereas designing for paper has limited ways of interaction with the viewer.
  6. www.netflix.com is a website I think exemplifies effective design because it has effectivly organized movie icons and limited text.
  7. www.google.com exemplifies effective communication with a large amount of white space around the search bar that would otherwise distract the user from searching.
  8. www.amazon.com works well overall because the navigation bars are clear and does not cause any confusion.